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St Jude's Englefield Green in the snow - if only school looked this nice all the time

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It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.
--Alfred Adler

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Voice In A Million
The Voice In A Million project are delighted to announce the opening of Surrey’s very own Voice In A Million Academy in Chertsey. The flagship Academy is run by the project’s producer, Jo Garofalo, who not only has a vast amount of experience working with many talented children from the South of England, but was also part of the creative force that engaged thousands of children from Surrey to perform at the London 02 Arena last January in an event which raised awareness for Adoption & Fostering in the UK.

With the highly popular Talent Television shows, X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, more young people than ever, are keen to learn how to sing and perform like their idols. The Chertsey Voice In A Million Academy opened in May and due to popular demand is now set to launch a second 3 hour session every Sunday afternoon, in addition to the existing morning sessions. The Academy will appeal to children with varying degrees of talent from Surrey (between the ages of 7 & 18) and provide them with the opportunity to join a unique performance organization that have opened academies across the UK and develop their skills in Vocal, Recording and Live Performance techniques.

Robert & Jo Garofalo, founders of the Voice In A Million project says, ‘We firmly believe that singing is an important part of a child’s overall well-being and are proud to have seen so many develop both artistically and confidently throughout their time with the Voice In A Million Academies’.

At least Four ARENA events a year are performed by Voice In A Million Groups, singing live in front of extremely large audiences, in prestigious venues to raise awareness for the British Association For Adoption & Fostering, which are normally reserved for A-List artists. Each Voice In A Million Academy also stages its own local theatre show each year and all members of the academy are encouraged to take part in recording sessions for Voice In A Million downloads, singles and album releases.

The existing Voice In A Million Academy members have the following live performances to look forward to;

Celebrating Surrey Festival (Main Stage) 26th Jun 2010

Nottingham Trent FM Arena 7th Oct 2010

Liverpool Echo Arena 10th Nov 2010

London 02 Arena 1st Feb 2011

Voice In A Million staged a huge concert at the London 02 Arena on 28th Jan 2010, which gathered a staggering 5200 children from educational & performance schools across the UK performing tracks from the Voice In A Million Songbook in front of a 7000 audience.

Both the Academy and events at the 02 Arena and beyond raises awareness in support of The British Association For Adoption & Fostering (BAAF). ‘The academy that makes a difference’ not only enhances ability and confidence of each child attending, but also makes a difference to those children that need families. Voice In A Million strives to achieve awareness of the plight of millions of children worldwide that are orphaned, abandoned or separated from their birth parents and in need of a loving family for life.

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Airtrack to close Egham's crossings for 120 minutes per hour  

Airtrack have begun the next phase of their "consultation process"on the new rail link from Heathrow westwards. They have sent brochures to residents and business in Staines, and invited them to public exhibitions in Staines, Stanwell and Feltham. They have apparently no plans to consult with businesses, residents or other stakeholders in Egham. This despite the fact the biggest impacts of the project will be on Egham's roads, since 3 of the 4 worst affected level crossings on the route are in Egham. They admit this in the consultation brochure (p10) but on the same page they write that they have concluded that it is not feasible or justifiable to build bridges or tunnels at these crossing. We have been told that if Airtrack proceeds the level crossing at Egham Station will be down for 44 minutes per hour, at Pooley Green for 39 minutes per hour and at Thorpe Road for 37 minutes per hour. If this affects you, you should start by phoning Airtrack on 020 7529 4910, ask for their consultation brochure, and ask to be included in the consultation process. Please also contact Egham Chamber of Commerce (admin@eghamchamber.org.uk) to find out what the Chamber is trying to do about this problem.
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